April 18, 2014


As the saying goes, "a picture's worth a thousand words:"

Sometimes, though, a picture's just not enough, so here are a few more:

Blessed / Overjoyed / Anxious / Excited / Humbled / Elated / Terrified / Ecstatic / Awestruck / Proud / Grateful / Fortunate / Inspired / Complete

9 weeks 5 days and this little one is already dancing.  Literally!  I'll have much more on this soon, but I couldn't contain myself any longer and just had to share my family's exciting news!  Thank you for all the love and support!

Jamie B.




November 27, 2013


Seasons greetings!  

We've really been getting into the holiday spirit around the Bramble household, so I thought I'd do my part to spread a little Christmas cheer by posting my rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" from last year's Songs for the Season.  Happy holidays, my friends!

Jamie B.




November 18, 2013


Heaven as a vision is a construct of the mind
But heaven as a concept, there's nothing more divine
It's a landscape of cathedrals, towers, and people
With pearly gates to separate "my kind"

Heaven.  Heaven as far as eye can see
Heaven.  Heaven as far as I believe.

Matter of fact or matter of opinion, it's a matter of design
What matters is faith, so no architect of science can ease my troubled mind
Because I want...

Heaven.  Heaven is as far as I can see.
Heaven.  Heaven is as far as I believe.
Convictions of religion plague my insecurities 
Oh, but Heaven, Heaven, will you have a place for me?

I've tried to make my peace with what I do and don't believe...
And the consequence it brings.
I want to throw away the keys...
Scream, "cast me out and banish me for all eternity."
But I don't knowing where you'll be.

Heaven.  Heaven is all that I can see.
Heaven.  I'm in Heaven so long as I can breathe.




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